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Radio Gdansk News in English: Health Minister to step down

Poland’s Health Minister, Lukasz Szumowski, has announced he is to resign. Mr Szumowski has been at the centre of Poland’s fight against coronavirus and became a household name for his frequent press conferences during the spring lockdown. Announcing his

Radio Gdansk News in English: Joint statement to the Belarus authorities

The presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have appealed to the Belarus authorities to de-escalate tensions, stop using force against citizens and to free detained protesters. In a joint statement the four presidents called on the authorities in Minsk to initiate dialogue

Radio Gdansk News in English: EU threatens sanctions against Belarus

EU officials have condemned the recent crackdown on protesters in Belarus after elections on Sunday which were „neither free nor fair” according to international observers. In a statement released on Tuesday, the EU threatened to „take measures against those responsible for the observed violence, unjustified

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