Poland’s New FM to Begin Campaign Against EU Treaty Changes | Finland to Consider Closing Border with Russia | Infrastructure Minister to Meet with Protesters at Ukraine Border | Changes to Daily Bus Schedule in Gdańsk

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Poland’s New FM to Begin Campaign Against EU Treaty Changes

Newly appointed Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk announced plans to propose a coalition with his European counterparts to stop the proposed changes to EU treaties. He stated that it would be necessary to “defend the Polish state” and its decision making powers concerning matters that would affect Polish citizens.

Last week the EU adopted a set of proposals to amend EU treaties despite their controversy since they were drafted by MEPs in early November. The changes include abolishing the principle of unanimity for EU member states in 65 policy areas, most notably foreign affairs, external security and defense, and making the euro the mandatory currency for EU countries.

Finland Closes Entire Border with Russia

Finland’s entire border with Russia has been closed for at least two weeks. No one will be able to cross Finland’s eastern border or apply for asylum; only the transport of goods will remain allowed. The move was stated by the Finnish government to be in response to “organized action by the Russian state” to flood Finland with illegal migrants and “threaten its security.”

Asylum applications will still be viable at airports and seaports, however Finnish intelligence reported that Russia deliberately organizes influxes of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa by granting them VISAs in a quick and unregulated manner and organizes transport for them to the borders of its neighboring countries, leading to Finland’s emergency response.

Infrastructure Minister to Meet with Protesters at Ukraine Border

Another one of Poland’s recently appointed cabinet members, Minister of Infrastructure Alvin Gajadhur, will be visiting the Polish-Ukrainian border today in order to meet with the protesting hauler’s organizations.

Government spokesman Piotr Müller said that the Polish government would also be proposing “a package of measures to resolve the issue” at an EU transport ministers meeting in Brussels on December 4th, and that they would include “potential reinstatement of permits” for Ukrainian transport companies.

MP Paweł Kowal remarked that Poland “must have a plan” for granting access to Ukrainian transporters while protecting domestic interests after the recent negotiations and “precise data on the Ukrainian share of the European market.”

Changes to Daily Bus Schedule in Gdańsk

Beginning on the first of December, there will be changes to six bus lines, most importantly 258 and 289. A new stop will be added to line 258 on Andruszkiewicza street to grant access to commuters working at the Koga office building. Line 289 will be running additional stops on school days.


The weather will be partly cloudy all day today with a little sun, but be sure to prepare for below freezing temperatures. The temperature will range from -6 to -3 degrees Celsius or 21 to 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bryce Buren

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