Radio Gdansk News in English: Polish Prime Minister about the security of new 5G networks

The Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said that Europe must adopt “robust measures” to ensure the security of new 5G networks. In an op-ed piece published by Britain’s „The Daily Telegraph” this week he wrote “We call on all countries and companies, especially our European neighbours, to adopt robust measures to secure their 5G networks”.

Last year, Poland and the United States signed an agreement to work together in ensuring security for new 5G telecoms technology. The joint declaration came amid growing concerns about Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei and network security policies. 5G is a new telecommunications standard that will enable transmission speeds 50 or even 100 times faster than the current 4G network.

Source – Polskie Radio

The Polish parliament has approved plans to abolish a statute of limitations on communist crimes. Under the existing law in Poland, a range of crimes committed by former communist officials can be prosecuted only until the end of this month. Poland’s ruling conservative Law and Justice party submitted a bill to repeal this provision. Deputies on Wednesday evening green-lighted the bill, which must be signed by the president in order to come into force. Communism in Poland collapsed in 1989, but many crimes committed by functionaries and agents of the former regime remain unpunished.

Source – Radio Gdańsk

Polish deputies have approved plans to give families an electronic voucher of 500 PLN per child to be spent on taking holidays. The credits are intended only for holidays in Poland. Families will be able to use them to pay when children stay, for example, at a hotel, guest house, scout camp or a sports camp. President Andrzej Duda announced the launch of the voucher system during a campaign meeting last month in the run-up to an election on Sunday, when he secured a second term in office. Duda has said he hopes the vouchers will boost the country’s tourism industry, which has been badly hit by the coronavirus crisis.

Source – Polskie Radio

And finally, the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia will take place between the 9th and 1th November this year in what the organisers say will be a “hybrid” form. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, film screenings are planned for journalists, but not for the public. Press conferences with directors are to be broadcast on the internet. The 45th edition of the film festival was initially planned from the 14th to 19th September this year. At the end of May, it was announced that due to the epidemic, the event would be postponed to 2021.

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Today will be a sunny day with scattered clouds clearing into the afternoon and a gentle breeze with temperatures reaching 21 degrees centigrade (70 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day, dropping to 13 degrees centigrade overnight. Saturday will be a gorgeous sunny day with a gentle breeze and temperatures will reach 13 degrees centigrade during the day, and 13 degrees overnight.




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