Poland has marked the 34th anniversary of its first, partially free elections after World War II, a landmark vote that heralded the collapse of communism | Ukraine commemorates its child victims of war | Polish marathon runner Paweł Kosek wins this year’s Cork City Marathon | Gdańsk prepares for the summer holidays with the opening of nine guarded bathing areas at local beaches

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As part of a power sharing agreement between the communist authorities and representatives of the Solidarity movement, partly free elections were held to the lower house of Poland’s parliament, with a majority of seats reserved for candidates from the communist party, and completely free elections to the upper house, the Senate. The following month, Contractual Sejm as it came to be known, elected General Jaruzelski, the communist leader who implemented Martial Law in 1981, to be the new President of Poland.

The Solidarity opposition movement scored a resounding victory, winning all the seats it was allowed to in the Sejm, and all but one seat in the freely contested Senate.

The vote was a milestone that is seen as triggering a domino effect across the region, culminating in the fall of the Berlin Wall, a symbol of decades of division between Western Europe and the communist East.

This anniversary was also chosen by the opposition Civic Platform party and its leader Donald Tusk as a pre-election rally in Warsaw and two other Polish cities. Police estimate that up to 150 000 supporters of Civic Platform took to the streets in Warsaw.

A Government representative said that this demonstration proves that political freedom is alive and well however pointed out that changes to government in a democratic society, come through the ballot box, not street rallies.

Source: Radio Gdańsk, PAP

Approximately 485 children have been killed, and 1,005 injured, since the beginning of the all-out war with Russia in February last year. Yesterday, June 4th, the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression, First Lady Olena Zelenska visited Kharkiv to commemorate Ukrainian children killed in the Russian war.

The First Lady said in her statement: „This pain cannot be comprehended. In the 21st century, in Europe, we must discuss protecting our children from physical destruction”, adding: „A threat to our children is a threat to all children. Childhood has no borders”.

Meanwhile, a commemorative ceremony was also held in Kyiv. During the event, authorities and citizens hung ornamental bells on trees, symbolizing the voices of the killed children.

Source: Polskie Radio / Kyiv Independent

The thrilled athlete crossed the finishing line on Patrick Street in the Irish city of Cork to a rapturous welcome, at a time of 2:28:24. He didn’t quite beat is personal best marathon time which is six minutes quicker.

The runner has taken part in the marathon four times – last year’s attempt saw him finish in second position.

31-year-old Paweł, from Tychy near Katowice, travelled to Ireland specially to take part in yesterday’s race. He was looking forward to celebrating with his family after meeting the Lord Mayor of the city, who presented him with the winner’s trophy.

Source: Irish Examiner

The holidays are fast approaching. In Gdańsk, the official opening of the city swimming pools will take place on July 1, although everything is to be ready on June 26, which is the day when the school year ends. This year, nine guarded bathing areas will be available to beachgoers.

Seasonal infrastructure is slowly visible on the beaches of Gdańsk including food outlets for example. However, much is still to be done. Soon to come are temporary toilets where there are no year-round facilities. Additionally, turrets for lifeguards, beach footbridges and changing rooms will also be built.

This year, there will also be dedicated bathing areas friendly to families with children or people with disabilities. This includes special signage, footbridges and changing rooms. These bathing areas will be located in Stogi, Brzeźno and at the end of Piastowska street.

Source: Radio Gdańsk


Today will be pleasantly warm and sunny with intervals of cloud. A gentle breeze will come in from the east. Expected sunset is due at 9:13 p.m. Daytime temperatures will see a high of 22°C or 72°F, with expected lows of 11°C or 52°F overnight. Looking ahead, and the sunny weather is due to maintain over the course of the week and into the weekend.

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