Radio Gdańsk News in English: “Ładoś List” premieres in English

The English-language version of a book about Jews helped by Polish diplomats during the Holocaust had its world premiere at the Wiener Holocaust Library in London on Monday. Named after Polish diplomat Aleksander Ładoś, the list contains information on over 3,000 people of Jewish origin who received fabricated passports in a coordinated effort to save them from the Nazis during World War II.

According to Jakub Kumoch, Poland’s Ambassador to Switzerland, the Ładoś group attempted to save the lives of 8,000 to 10,000 people, with an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 surviving as a result of their efforts.

The book was published in Polish in December by the Pilecki Institute, with the English-language version scheduled to premiere in North American this week at the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion in New York and Hartford’s Mandell JCC Innovation Center in Connecticut.

Source: Radio Poland,

Baltic wind power potential estimated at over 10 GW

During yesterday’s conference on European Economic Congress Trends, Deputy Climate Minister Ireneusz Zyska claimed Polish wind power potential could reach up to 10 GW in the next 10-15 years.

According to Zyska, who was appointed Commissioner for Renewable Energy last month, the current goal is to generate 5 GW of offshore wind power by 2030. His words were supported by the CEO of PGE Baltica, Monika Morawiecka, who cited a report estimating Poland’s offshore wind power capability at a potential 28 GW by 2050.

PGE is currently planning three offshore wind farms with a joint capacity of up to 3.5 GW. The first of these, Baltica-3, is scheduled to become operational in 5-6 years, with a maximum anticipated capacity of 1045 MW.

Offshore wind farms are being built mainly in northern Europe due to the favorable wind conditions in the region; the Baltic Sea is particularly attractive due to relatively more shallow water, lower wave height and smaller tides in comparison to sites in the North Sea.

Source: PGE, The First News

Poland hosts international competition for disabled athletes

Some 150 disabled athletes from 17 countries arrived in Poland yesterday to take part in the European Paralympic Winter Sports Competition or “ParaSki4Europe”.

The annual event features disabled athletes of all ages competing in various winter sports under the slogan of “one sport, one Europe, one dream.” The competition runs from now until March 1 at the Czarna Góra Resort and Tauron Duszniki Arena in southwestern Poland.

Polish biathlete Weronika Nowakowska has been appointed “ambassador” of the competition, which she describes as “proof that it’s worth having dreams in life and pursuing them. [this event] is a great lesson in humility, perseverance, and inner strength.” Nowakowska won the silver in the sprint at the Biathlon World Championships in Kontiolahti, Finland, in 2015, and a bronze medal in racing.

Source: Radio Poland

Shakespeare Theatre director wins prestigious award

Professor Jerzy Limon, the director of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre and the International Shakespeare Festival, was awarded the prestigious Aleksander Gieysztor Award during a gala at the Royal Castle in Warsaw yesterday.

Recognized for his efforts to create a unique space combining tradition and modernity, the acclaimed teacher, translator, and writer was praised in a personal letter by President Andrzej Duda for his “visionary momentum” and efforts to “engage in the animation and popularization of high culture”.

The award and accompanying PLN 50,000 cash prize is sponsored by Citibank Handlowy Foundation in an effort to “support outstanding personalities working for the protection of Polish cultural heritage in the country and abroad”.

Previous recipients include Elżbieta and Krzysztof Penderecki, British historian Norman Davies, film director Andrzej Wajda and scenographer Krystyna Zachwatowicz-Wajda, and painter Leon Tarasewicz.

Source: Radio Gdańsk, PAP


Today will be partly cloudy and cold with a strong breeze coming from the southwest. Temperatures will peak around a high of 6°C or 43°F with a slight chance of rain showers in the afternoon and evening. Overnight temps will drop to nearly freezing with additional wind, rain, and clouds expected tomorrow.


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