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Key Russian army forced to withdraw | Ukraine recovers „full control” of over 4,000 sq km | Finnish PM condemns „naive” attitude toward Russia | Polish gov’t to raise minimum salary in January 2023 | Poland faces Slovenia tin EuroBasket quarterfinals

Russia’s prestigious 1st Guards Tank Army has been forced to withdraw from Ukraine’s Kharkiv region due to Kyiv’s sweeping counteroffensive, severely weakening a key component of Russia’s conventional forces.

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Ukraine retakes territory in counteroffensive | Polish President and First Lady to attend funeral for Queen Elizabeth II | Polish Radio Orchestra plays tribute to 9/11 victims | Polish film wins special jury prize | Polish men’s volleyball team finishes second in world championships | Poland defeats Ukraine to advance in EuroBasket tournament

Ukraine marked the 200th day since the start of the Russian invasion with reports of a successful counteroffensive in the northeast. The Ukrainian army pushed Russian troops out of more than 20 towns over the weekend in the



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