Radio Gdansk News in English: President praises Polish border guards | Polish PM welcomes 'Finland’s decision to initiate NATO accession

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Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has praised Poland’s Border Guards for their work in securing the Polish Border during the migrant crisis and for their efforts in managing the influx of refugees into Poland from Ukraine.

Andrzej Duda’s words came as the Polish Border Guard agency celebrated 31 years since its foundation. The president, who was accompanied by First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda, said in a speech that the work of the Polish border service „has been particularly difficult over the past two years”. Duda thanked border workers for protecting Poland “during the hybrid attack at the frontier with Belarus” last year. Speaking of the Ukrainian refugee situation, Duda said „you have extended a helping hand to …children, …wives and …mothers, to everyone who is crossing into our country. Without a doubt, you have been greeted with tears of gratitude”.

Source – Polskie Radio

Poland’s Prime Minister has welcomed the decision by the leaders of Finland that the country intends to join NATO.

The decision has been influenced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine leading to regional instability. Finland shares a 1,300-km border with Russia. Until now, it has stayed out of NATO to avoid antagonising its eastern neighbour. Finland is expected to formally announce its decision on Sunday after it has been considered by parliament and other senior political figures. Meanwhile, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde said on Thursday that her country would take into account Finland’s NATO assessments when making its own decision on whether it should seek to join the Atlantic military alliance.

Source – Polskie Radio

A Polish Himalayan mountain climber is set to attempt to ski across Greenland.

Miłka Raulin is Poland’s youngest female climber of the Seven Summits of the world. Raulin from Gdynia, next to Gdańsk, will be looking to cover the 600-kilometre distance from the west to the east of the island in 30 days as part of a Polish-British-Swedish expedition. The team set off on its quest on May 3, when Raulin celebrated her 39th birthday. If Raulin successfully finishes the trip, she will become the 10th Pole and the second Polish woman to traverse the world’s biggest island on skis.

Source – Polskie Radio

Postcard posted in 1979 from Prague in the former Czechoslovakia has been delivered to an address in Gdynia 43 years later.

The card was dated May 15th 1979 and referred to the beauty of the city and the writer also ended the postcard cryptically with the words, „I think about the hedgehog alot”. In a twist to the tale, the person now living at the delivery address has managed to track down the daughter of the original recipient to an address in the US. What remains a mystery still is why the postcard took so long to be delivered and where it has been for the last 43 years.

Source – The First News


Today will be a day of sunny spells and scattered clouds in a moderate breeze with temperatures of 16 degrees centigrade (61 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and 8 degrees overnight. Tomorrow will continue sunny with scattered clouds in a fresh breeze and temperatures of 17 degrees during the day and 7 degrees overnight.
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