Radio Gdansk News in English: EU resumes talks on Russian oil embargo | Donor conference for Ukraine a „great success” | Wiosna Association launches „Noble Gift Solidarity” campaign | Poland to host UEFA matches for Ukraine

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EU ambassadors are set to resume discussions on Russian sanctions today after failing to reach a consensus on a proposal to ban all Russian oil imports by the end of the year.

France, which currently holds the rotating EU presidency, postponed the meeting due to ongoing negotiations with member states like Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

The three countries have sought an extended transitional period to reduce their dependence on Russian resources. In 2021, Russian oil constituted nearly 60% of Hungary’s imports and 92% of Slovakia’s, according to reports cited by Reuters.

The proposed embargo would enter into force within six months for most EU member states. Hungary and Slovakia, however, would be able to import oil from Russia until the end of 2024, and the Czech Republic until mid-2024.

At a press briefing last Friday, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński declared that Warsaw „didn’t like Hungary’s stance on sanctions at all” and promised that Poland would continue to push for „a full embargo on Russian hydrocarbons… through political talks, diplomatic efforts, and appeals to the public.”

For Ukraine to win the war, Jabłoński explained, „the key thing is to cut Russia off from finances.”

Source: Radio Poland, Reuters

An international donor conference co-hosted by Poland and Sweden has been called „a great success” by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki after raising over EUR 6 billion in aid for Ukraine.

Morawiecki later told Euronews that the conference had „gathered more than we would have expected…but even this amount of money is not sufficient… for the enormous needs which exist in Ukraine…”

The High-Level International Donors’ Conference for Ukraine was held in Warsaw last week and joined by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the president of the European Council, Charles Michel.

Other participants included heads of state and governments from various countries, representatives from the global business and financial communities, and delegates from international aid organizations.

Source: Radio Poland, Euronews

The Wiosna (Spring) Association recently announced a special edition of their popular annual „Weekend of Miracles” campaign, aimed at helping Ukrainian refugees.

The „Noble Gift Solidarity” initiative will support needy refugee families using the principles and format of the popular „Weekend of Miracles” campaign normally held around the Christmas holidays.

The „Noble Gift” packages contain necessities such as food, cleaning products, and clothes, along with specially requested items from a wishlist compiled by Association volunteers.

As the Association’s Karolina Magryś told Polish Radio Rzeszów, volunteers have already started compiling a list of contacts, with a database of refugee family recipients set to be finalized in early June.

For more information on participating in the campaign or nominating a needy family, visit

Source: Radio Poland, PAP

It was announced yesterday that Ukraine will play its UEFA Nations League matches in Poland due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian national team will face off against Armenia on June 11 and Ireland on June 14 at the Władysław Król stadium in Łódź.

Ukraine’s manager Oleksandr Petrakov told „Przegląd Sportowy” that he wanted his team to play in Łódź because the city had hosted the U-20 World Cup in 2019, which Ukraine won.

Source: Radio Gdansk, Radio Poland


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