Hungary threatens to block EU aid to Ukraine | Poland sued for EUR 1.4 bn over uncollected COVID-19 vaccines | Ukraine urges Poland to unblock border traffic | 370-ton submarine transported to museum in Gdynia

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The Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban has threatened to block EU aid to Ukraine and veto the country’s accession to the bloc unless leaders agree to review their support strategy for Kyiv, according to the Politico website.

In a letter to European Council President Charles Michel, Orbán stressed the need for a thorough evaluation of EU policies towards Ukraine, including assistance programs. He also questioned the EU’s strategic goals in Ukraine and raised concerns about the sustainability of the strategy without strong US support: „Do we still regard these objectives realistically attainable? Is this strategy sustainable without robust support from the United States?” Orbán’s stance could potentially disrupt EUR 50 billion in aid for Ukraine and EUR 500 million in planned military support, as well as Ukraine’s EU accession talks.

Source: Polskie Radio

The Ukraine government has sent a formal diplomatic note to Poland in a bid to solve an ongoing border haulage carrier dispute.

The note was prompted by the tragic deaths of two Ukrainian drivers who lost their lives while waiting in the long lines to cross the border. Since early November, Polish truck drivers have launched a blockade of the Hrebenne, Dorohusk and Korczowa checkpoints, demanding that the European Union reinstate permits for Ukrainian transport companies entering the bloc. On Thursday, Polish transport companies announced that the protest at the Dorohusk checkpoint would be extended until February 1st. Meanwhile, Polish farmers on Thursday blocked the Medyka border checkpoint with Ukraine, demanding subsidies on wheat and state-backed loans amid an influx of Ukrainian grain. The Polish authorities, who have stood firm in their support of Ukraine since the Russian invasion, are lobbying the EU to find ways to support Ukraine without Poland having to deal with the consequences with a practically unlimited influx of goods and services coming into Poland from its nearest neighbour.

Source: PolskieRadio

Poland has been sued for PLN 6 billion (EUR 1.4 billion) by pharmaceuticals firm Pfizer over 60 million uncollected COVID-19 vaccine doses, officials have said.

The initial hearing before a court in Brussels is scheduled for December 6, the health ministry in Warsaw said on Thursday. Pfizer took Poland to court after yearlong negotiations that failed to produce a settlement. In April last year, the Polish government asked Pfizer to cancel production and shipment of COVID-19 vaccines to Poland, as the country faced the „higher necessity” of providing support to war-torn Ukraine, following Russia’s February 2022 invasion, the health ministry said. Poland also notified the European Union’s executive Commission, and sought to reach a compromise with Pfizer, according to the government.

Source: PolskieRadio

And finally, a historical Polish submarine known as the „Eagle” or Orzel, has been drydocked at the maritime museum in Gdynia.

The operation to transport the huge submarine began on Thursday afternoon, and special platforms were used for its transport, which lasted several hours. Despite the bad weather, the entire action was watched by crowds of residents. The submarine is 50 meters long and weighs 370 tons. The sub covered over 800 meters during its transport which took about four hours complete.

Source: Radio Gdańsk


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