Polish PM condemns ‘Hungary’s hurtful words about Ukraine’ | Poland welcomes 2.52 million refugees from Ukraine | New Warsaw exhibition displays Ukrainian art | Gdańsk Passport Office installs long awaited ticket machine

Poland’s prime minister has called on Budapest to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and condemned „hurtful words about Ukraine coming from the Hungarian capital.”

Morawiecki told reporters, “We must condemn all the bad, inappropriate, harmful, hurtful words coming from the Hungarian capital.” He added, “This is a choice between truth and falsehood and we are definitely standing on the side of truth.” Morawiecki’s words came after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Sunday described Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky as one of his “opponents”, as he listed a number of organizations who had been against him in the run up to his election victory.

Source – Polskie Radio

Poland has so far welcomed just over 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine into the country since Russian invaded its neighbour in February.

The figures, quoted by the the Polish Border Guard also included estimates that on Tuesday, around 21,000 refugees from Ukraine arrived in the country, compared with 18,500 a day earlier. While most of those crossing the border are Ukrainian nationals, there are also citizens of many other countries among the refugees. Poland’s President last month signed legislation to help fleeing refugees, granting them legal residence in Poland and ensuring access to education, healthcare and social benefits.

Source – Polskie Radio

A trio of prominent Ukrainian artists are featured in a new exhibition that opened at Warsaw’s Kordegarda gallery this week.

The exhibition features works from a renowned Ukrainian painter, an illustrator and a sculptor. At the launch of the exhibition on Tuesday, Polish Deputy Prime Minister spoke of Poland’s support for Ukrainian artists and cultural institutions amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He also announced that the government would organise a tour of Poland for orchestras from Ukraine. The exhibition is open to the public until April 24.

Source – Radio Gdańsk

And finally, the passport office near Gdańsk’s Old Town has welcomed a long awaited ticket system which aims to eradicate the long standing problem of people needing to arrive early and spending a lot of time queueing for an appointment.

Long queues and chaos outside the passport office have been an long standing issue which now hopes to be solved with the introduction of the new machines. The passport office says it can serve up to 200 customers per day. It is now also possible to register for an appointment online. Improvements have also been made at other passport offices in the region and are being rolled out across the region. Gdynia will see its ticket machines installed in the beginning of May.

Source – Radio Gdańsk


Today will be showery day cloudy with some sunny spells in a fresh breeze and temperatures of 14 degrees centigrade (57 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and -5 degrees overnight. Tomorrow will be cloudy with showers in a fresh breeze with temperatures of 8 degrees during the day and 1 degrees overnight.
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