Ukraine becomes partner of Europe’s Three Seas Initiative | US ex-ambassador says EU worries over rule of law in Poland 'absurd’ | Polish deputy FM says EU leaders urged Kyiv to engage in peace talks with Moscow | Human remains found on Sobieszewo Island probably from World War II

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Poland’s president on Monday announced that Ukraine had become a participating partner in the Three Seas Initiative of 12 European Union countries.

Andrzej Duda made the announcement after the first day of the summit of the regional drive in the Latvian capital Riga. He said that other Central European countries that aspire to the EU could also become participating partners of the Three Seas club. The Three Seas Initiative brings together EU countries between the Baltic, Black, and Adriatic Seas. It seeks to deepen political, economic, energy and infrastructure ties between its members. The initiative was launched in 2015 by Poland’s Duda and the Croatian president at the time.

Source – Polskie Radio

A former United States ambassador to Poland has said that the European Union’s concerns over the rule of law in Poland are „absurd” and based on „lies”.

Georgette Mosbacher made the claim in an interview with the „Sieci” weekly magazine. She stated that an ongoing debate within the EU over the rule of law in Poland was unfair. The former US ambassador also said that all the elections held in Poland in recent years have been free and fair, adding that democracy in Poland was doing well and that the EU’s stance may stem from a lack of understanding of the country.

Source – Polskie Radio

A Polish deputy foreign minister has said that the leaders of France and Germany and two other European Union countries encouraged Ukraine to engage in peace talks with Russia when they visited Kyiv last week. It came after the French President German Chancellor, Italian Prime Minister and Romanian President last Thursday visited Kyiv for face-to-face talks with Ukraine’s President.

The minister told RMF FM that the European leaders „confirmed the EU’s willingness to grant Ukraine candidate status” he said. „But unfortunately we have reports that also under discussion were issues to do with the necessity to engage in dialogue with Russia, to make some concessions” he added.

Source – Polskie Radio

Human remains have been found on Sobieszewo Island near Gdańsk during ground works at a construction site. The remains may date from the II World War, but they have been sent for forensic analysis to be accurately dated.

Polce and forensic experts were dispatched to the site on the island after parts of a human skeleton were discovered as workers began excavation work.

Source – Radio Gdańsk


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