Radio Gdańsk News in English: EU OKs more Polish aid to firms hurt by virus

The executive arm of the European Union has given the go-ahead to more Polish government help for businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
The European Commission said on Thursday that it had approved a Polish recapitalisation scheme of up to 1.65 billion euros to support large enterprises and certain larger small and medium-sized enterprises. Poland stands to receive more than 63 billion euros from EU coffers in grants and loans under a massive recovery plan proposed by the European Commission last month.

The new recovery fund, dubbed „Next Generation EU,” includes 500 billion euros in grants and 250 billion euros in loans for member states, with the money borrowed on financial markets and repaid from the bloc’s budget.

Source – Polskie Radio

Government cash for Poles to stay fit during pandemic

Poland’s government has announced a new effort to encourage the public to stay fit during the coronavirus pandemic.

The country’s sports minister told reporters on Wednesday that the new „Sporting Vacation Plus” programme would promote a healthy lifestyle during the COVID-19 outbreak. The drive, with a budget of 10 million PLN aims to support sports activities by children and young people, but also domestic tournaments and events.

The minister added that the main aim was to encourage Poles “to stay active and do sports during the summer vacations.” More details will be unveiled later this month.

Source – Polskie Radio

Storms lash south-eastern Poland

Fierce winds damaged buildings, snapped branches off trees and felled power lines as storms battered south-eastern Poland on Thursday afternoon and evening.

Fire-fighters were called out more than 350 times, including after electricity lines were damaged, public broadcaster Polish Radio has reported. No injuries had been reported as of late Thursday evening.

Further storm warnings have been issued in parts of eastern and southern Poland with heavy hail and wind speed gusts of up to 100km/h possible.

Source – Polskie Radio,

Gdańsk’s Wajdeloty Street trials pedestrianisation this week

Wajdeloty street in Gdańsk’s Wreszcz district is trialling opening the street up to pedestrians and closing it to cars in the hope that it will help local businesses recovering from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic in Poland.

It is organized by a group of restaurant owners, on whose initiative the city agreed to the closure from Thursday until the end of Sunday. There will be various activities organized on the street during the trial.

According to an article on, not all residents are in favour of the idea due mainly to concerns around increased noise and rubbish, but the initiative is going ahead nonetheless.

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Today will start foggy in many places and the fog will lift later to give a hazy day with a light breeze. Temperatures will reach a pleasant 20 degrees centigrade (68 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day, dropping to a mild 15 degrees centigrade overnight. Saturday will remain the same with temperatures reaching 22 degrees centigrade during the day, and 13 degrees overnight.

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