Radio Gdansk News in English: Presidential election did not impact COVID cases

Poland’s Ministry of Health is reporting that the first round of Poland’s presidential election did not lead to a visible rise in COVID-19 infections.

Wojciech Andrusiewicz, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, told reporters for IAR that the ministry “[had] not observed an increase in infections after the first round of the elections; the behavior of Poles during this time was “extremely responsible.”

Poland’s June 28 election was conducted via a mixed system of traditional in-person and postal voting. Those turning up at polling stations had to wear gloves and face coverings. Commenting on how well precautionary measures were being observed at polling stations, Andrusiewiz went on to add that “this is how we should behave on a daily basis.”

As of Wednesday morning, a total of 36,412 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Poland. Of that number, 1,528 have died, over 1,658 are in hospital and 24,238 have recovered.

Source: Radio Gdańsk

Multiple drivers stopped for speeding and drunk driving

Monday proved to be a terrible day for driving in Pomerania after eight drivers were detained in Gdańsk alone as a result of excessive speeding or drunk driving.

One driver of a BMW was caught speeding through the tunnel under the Martwa Wisła at 133 kilometers per hour, nearly twice the set speed limit of 70 kph. After being stopped by police, it was discovered that the 23-year-old driver had not only been drinking but had also been stopped two weeks earlier for speeding in a residential area.

In addition to the driver of the BMW, Gdansk police detained five other drunk drivers on Monday, including one with a BAC over 2.5. Under Polish law, this type of misdemeanor can be punishable by a fine, a suspended sentence of up to 30 days in jail, and suspension of the driving license for up to 3 years.

Source: Radio Gdańsk

Health officials urge Poles to donate blood

Public health officials are urging Poles to donate blood as hospitals face shortages during the summer holiday season.

According to Deputy Health Minister Janusz Cieszyński, “the number of blood donors is always lower in the summer months compared to other times” but the situation this year has been further complicated by a drop in donations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He went on to add that blood donation points had measures in place to keep donors safe. According to Polish Radio’s IAR news agency, officials are advising those planning to donate blood to check information on the website of the relevant blood donation center and potentially phone the center in advance.

Source: Radio Poland

Polish death metal singer back in court

The lead singer of the death metal band Behemoth went on trial in Gdańsk on Tuesday, accused of insulting Poland’s national emblem. Adam Darski’s previous acquittal on the same charges was overturned and the case is being retried.

The case against Adam Darski and others associated with the band concerns artwork and merchandise from Behemoth’s “Republic of the Unfaithful” 2016 tour. According to the prosecutor’s office, the artwork features an image of the white eagle alongside “elements and symbols considered Satanist and anti-Christian.”

State news agency PAP cited Darski as saying on Tuesday that “it is very unfair to label [his music] as anti-Polish or satanic. I believe that these are primitive accusations made by people without imagination who only see the world in one color.”

It is not the first time Darski, whose stage name is Nergal, has faced charges of indecent or inappropriate behavior. In 2012, the Polish Supreme court ruled against him after he tore up a copy of the Bible while on stage and called the Catholic Church “the most murderous cult on the planet.”

The self-described “blackened death metal band” Behemoth formed in Gdańsk in 1991 and is well-known outside of Poland. Their music is considered to have played a pivotal role in the formation and establishment of the Polish extreme metal underground.

All three of the accused, which include graphic artist Rafał Wechterowicz and Behemoth’s website and store manager Maciej Gruszka, plead not guilty to the charges. The trial has been postponed until August 11 this year; if convicted the three could face up to a year in prison for the offense of insulting the Polish emblem.

Source: Radio Gdańsk, Radio Poland


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