Poland Rejects EU Plan to Relocate Migrants | Poland’s PM Promotes Non-Partisan Cabinet | Court Overturns Mayor’s Decision to Ban Pro-Palestine March in Warsaw | Poland’s Match with Czech Republic Ends in a Draw

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Poland Rejects EU Plan to Relocate Migrants

After an informal EU leaders summit in Croatia’s capital of Zagreb hosted by Croatian PM Andrej Plenkowić, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated to the press that Poland rejects Brussel’s plan to forcibly relocate migrants as well as the push to give the EU more decision making power over member states. Morawiecki added he was under the impression that his colleagues at the European Council also had similar feelings about member states not giving up any sovereignty to Brussels. Also in attendance were PMs and heads of state from Italy and Malta, and European Council President Charles Michel.

Poland and several other EU member states have repeatedly rejected EU migrant initiatives in the recent past, but Brussels has been persistent in trying to convince countries to accept large numbers of illegal migrants and asylum seekers to “share the burden” with other more overwhelmed nations. Poland, and other EU countries, continue to raise concerns about irregular immigration and the EU’s attempts to transfer more decision making power to itself from its member states.

Source: PAP, TVPWorld

Poland’s PM Promotes Non-Partisan Cabinet

At a meeting with the press at the Warsaw Stock Exchange on Friday, Prime Minister Morawiecki stated that the cabinet he has been tasked by the president to organize by November 27th would be “non-partisan and balanced.” The policy plans of the new cabinet were outlined by the Prime Minister, focusing mainly on expansion of domestic production, from energy to real estate, and the well-being of Polish workers, proposing a raise of the minimum wage and extending the 0% VAT rate on food.

Morawiecki said the new team of ministers would be revealed “within eight days.”

Source: IAR, PAP, PolskieRadio

Court Overturns Mayor’s Decision to Ban Pro-Palestine March in Warsaw

Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski’s decision to ban a pro-Palestine demonstration was overturned by the court three days ago. The demonstrators received the appeal just in time to move ahead with the march which was planned for and took place yesterday.

The gathering was originally banned due to security concerns, namely that the event was expecting a turnout of around two thousand people in the narrow streets from Savior Square to outside the Israeli Embassy, which would hinder the police’s ability to ensure everyone’s safety. Offensive signs at previous marches were also cited, such as one carried by a foreign student with an Israeli flag in a trash can saying “keep the world clean” as well as the “from the river to the sea” slogan. The organizers of yesterday’s march condemned such behavior, and fortunately, the event took place peacefully without any major problems.

Source: NotesFromPoland

Poland’s Match with Czech Republic Ends in a Draw

Poland’s National Football Team ended their Friday match with Czech Republic in a 1-1 draw, missing their chance to qualify directly for the 2024 European Tournament. Poland’s Jakub Piotrowksi managed to put Poland in the lead 38 minutes into the game, but Czech’s Tomáš Souček answered with an opposing goal. Poland will now look to qualify for Euro 2024 through playoffs in March.


It will be overcast all day, and we can finally expect snow beginning around 2pm. The wind will be low and the humidity level 91%, but temperatures are now starting to fall below freezing: today being -2 to 1 degree Celsius or 28 to 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

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