Polish PM to Present Cabinet within Two Weeks | Polish and Ukrainian Officials Meet at Border to Discuss Terms of Ending Trucker Protest | Orlen to Receive US Funds as Part of Phoenix Project Nuclear Energy Program | Ukraine Football Team Arrives in Gdańsk Ahead of Qualifying Match

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Polish PM to Present New Cabinet within Two Weeks

Outgoing PM Mateusz Morawiecki was named as Prime Minister Designate by President Duda on Monday, giving him the task of forming a new cabinet. The 14 day deadline ends on November 27th. The ruling party is reportedly seeking a cabinet “with a different composition from the current one” but aims to uphold their policies concerning immigration and national sovereignty.

Government Spokesman Piotr Müller described Morawiecki’s appointment as “fair” considering Law and Justice won last month’s election, and that the party has “a duty to try and form a new government” even though the coalition of the opposing parties will likely assume power. The pro-EU coalition signed an agreement on Friday pledging to address rule of law, promote green energy, and relax abortion rules along with other policies.

Polish and Ukrainian Officials Meet at Border to Discuss Terms of Ending Trucker Protest

Polish and Ukrainian officials began talks yesterday in an attempt to end the trucker protest that has been blocking checkpoints since November 6th. Polish and Ukrainian officials, from local governments to embassy level, EU representatives, and the Polish Committee to protect transporters are all participating in the negotiations.

Polish and Ukrainian Ministers of Infrastructure Rafał Weber and Serhiy Derkach, respectively, have reportedly resolved 2 issues raised by the protesting truckers. Tomasz Borkowski, one of the protest’s organizers, assured that while trucks are being blocked, humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine are free to move through the border.

Orlen to Receive US Funds as Part of Phoenix Project Nuclear Energy Program

Orlen Group is set to receive funding from the US Department of State to build nuclear power plants based on small modular reactor (SMR) technology. The financing was confirmed by Orlen CEO Daniel Obajtek on Sunday. Obajtek stated on the X platform: “Our investment in the small modular reactor SMR is among the projects to receive strategic support from the Phoenix Project, to be financed by the US State Department.”

The United State’s Phoenix Project provides studies and technical assistance in order to promote the transition from fossil fuels to clean, safe, and secure nuclear energy, and to also prioritize retraining and retaining of local jobs. Participation in the Phoenix Project throughout Europe could lead to energy independence, eliminating the need to purchase fuel from countries like Russia, and pave the way for cheap, zero-emission energy. Orlen plans to launch one SMR by 2030 and to invest 320 billion PLN or 71 billion EUR in other projects during this time.

Source: PAP, state.gov, PolskieRadio

The Polish Council of Christians and Jews urges Hamas to free hostages, and Israel to allow aid into Gaza

The Polish Council of Christians and Jews released a statement yesterday, saying that by launching its attacks on Israel from Gaza on October 7th , Hamas „violated the right to live and the right to dignity” of Israeli civilians.

The statement added that these attacks have sparked a war „in which hundreds of thousands of people on both sides have suffered.”The statement went on to say that : „We expect the terrorists to release the kidnapped and that the Israeli army will protect civilians against the consequences of the fighting and provide humanitarian aid to everyone in need.”

„The Israeli authorities should also unreservedly punish attacks carried out by Jewish settlers against their Arab neighbors,” it added.

The Polish cross-faith organization also called on authorities and Muslim leaders around the world to counter the rise in anti-Semitic sentiment, which it said „could lead to further tragedies.”

Source: PolskieRadio

Ukraine Football Team Arrives in Gdańsk Ahead of Qualifying Match

The Ukrainian National Football Team arrived in Gdańsk on Monday to prepare for its Euro 2024 qualifying match with Italy. The team will play a friendly match with Lechia Gdańsk Tomorrow at the Polsat Plus arena. Unfortunately, the match is reportedly not open for fans at the request of the Ukrainian national team.


Today’s weather will be overcast all day with rainy conditions expected from 9am. The temperature will range from 3 to 8 degrees celsius or 37 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit with low winds and a humidity of 88 percent.

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